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    About Me

    Hi guys, I’m Kylie Ritchie and I created this amaaazing site!

    (That’s me on the right ➔ ➔ ➔)

    Anyway, the reason I created this site is obviously to review and discuss the hottest lesbian porn stars that I’ve ever encountered online.

    Not only to help introduce other women like myself some great porn stars to start following/watching/etc., but also simply because writing about them and talking about them turns me on.

    Yes, kind of silly, but it’s the truth! I literally get wet while I’m writing each one of these profiles (don’t judge me!!!)

    So please enjoy my reviews, and don’t be shy discussing them in more detail with me, along with suggesting any other porn stars that I can write about!

    Note that I am nearly 100% lesbian (I’d rate myself a 5 on the Kinsey scale), so if the porn star doesn’t have a significant repertoire of girl-on-girl scenes, I will most likely not care about them and definitely won’t be reviewing them. Just a word of warning before you start suggesting the latest and greatest porn stars 🙂

    So anyway, yeah – I hope you enjoy reading about all of my favorite porn stars!