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    Asa Akira

    We all love Asians. They are exotic and have very unique facial features that appeal to our urge to want something new. Now while there are plenty of Asian porn stars out there, I would argue that none are as famous as the beautiful Asa Akira. And for good reason – Asa is a true professional at what she does, and simply a great woman to watch when you are looking for some Asian pussy to get yourself off on.

    Asa is full Japanese with gorgeous, straight, jet black hair. Her eyebrows are noticeably slanted and have a very clear bend in them to help accentuate her features (it is obviously through the use of makeup, but she uses makeup in every scene so that’s just how she looks all the time basically). Her nose is somewhat wide (definitely not thin) and her cheeks are very plump, without making her look fat. And her smile is really beautiful as well, with very nice pearly white teeth. In fact, overall I would have to say that Asa reminds me of a cute mouse! Just my observation haha!

    While Asa’s face clearly gives it away that she is of Asian descent, her body tells an entirely different story. Unlike most other Asian porn stars who are petite lack the proper “assets” that typically come with women of other ethnicities, Asa actually breaks that mold. Her breasts are pretty damn large and bouncy, and her ass is nice and full as well, with legs to match it. Even her arms are somewhat fuller as well, but not in a way that makes her look fat. This sort of body type really breaks the mold of a stereotypical Asian, and I can imagine Asa using her own unique physical beauty to gain the attention of people who aren’t typically attracted to Asians. For example, I know plenty of guy friends who only can jack off to women with a banging ass, or big fucking tits, which eliminates a huge majority of Asian porn stars in the industry. However, Asa fits both of those criteria perfectly, which makes her appealing to guys and girls who aren’t typically into Asians due to their lack of curves.

    In fact, the combination of having an Asian face with a totally banging body is probably why Asa is so famous today. You get the appeal of an exotic woman through her facial features that are indicative of a woman of Asian descent, to go with a curvy body that is universally regarded as being super sexy in a woman. How many other porn stars have that killer combo? Not many I presume, and that is why Asa has such a large following. At least in my opinion.

    Anyway, when it comes to her actual sex work, the first thing I need to say is that Asa is a screamer. If you watch any sex scene with her in it, you can almost guarantee her to be screaming at the top of her lungs by the end of the scene before having her final orgasm. And as you might expect for someone who screams so intensely during sex, she is typically involved in hardcore sex scenes. Getting fucked with a gigantic dick, or getting double penetrated vaginally and up the ass. Or getting deep throated until she cries. She will do just about anything on camera, and that probably works really well with her Asian background. Because most Asians are much more conservative, it is such a rarity to see someone with Asian heritage being so hardcore and kinky, engaging in such intense sexual acts. Sure you might see some Asians having more vanilla sex, but how many pure-Asians do you see getting gangbanged and fucked every single which way, while screaming at the top of her lungs? Not many I would imagine.

    Asa also uses her eyes so effectively, making sure she looks directly up at her (male) partner while getting throat fucked, to looking right into her (female) partners eyes while getting fucked with a strap-on. Sometimes you can actually tell that she is getting lost in the moment, simply because her eyes start to widen and the rest of her facial expressions start looking so natural. These intense moments are the ones I love most about Asa, and the great thing about her is that almost every sex scene she participates in has a least a few of such moments where she forgets she is a porn star and just becomes a woman having amazing sex.

    And the last thing I wanted to mention about Asa is that she is really down to Earth. In her original films “Asa Akira Is Insatiable” (for which there are three of them I believe), Asa mixes in sex scenes with moments where she is just candid for the camera and talks about a variety of subjects related to sex and her job (yes being a porn star is a job). She is an eloquent speaker and can really articulate her points well, plus she just seems super chill and friendly. Not something you really care about when you’re just trying to get yourself off, but when you obsess about porn stars like I do, such things make a noticeable difference in how I perceive them.

    Overall, Asa Akira is unlike any other Asian porn star you’ll probably ever see. Her Asian-specific features are isolated to just her face, as her body is that of a curvaceous woman that you would want to bang mercilessly, just to see her booty or her tits bouncing, rather than the body of a petite woman. And she uses that body to the fullest to engage in the most hardcore, kinky sex scenes imaginable – so hardcore that you can always guarantee hearing her scream at the top of her lungs at least once in the scene. If you’ve never heard of Asa before, then you definitely need to check her out as soon as possible and see just what you have been missing!