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    Next up is the exotic beauty Eufrat! The first thing of note about her is that she is from the Czech Republic. So even though she looks like your typical white porn star, she really isn’t! And you’ll notice that as soon as you watch scenes with her – she will either speak in her native tongue, or sometimes even make sure to not speak at all throughout the entire scene.

    Anyway, Eufrat is truly a work of art starting with her beautiful face. Her pale blue eyes are piercing and seem to stare right into my soul, and her nose is very distinct with a slight pointiness to it, which is just sexy as fuck! And her smile is so beautiful and her jawline is very well defined that she just looks like an exotic goddess. I really don’t know any other way to put it. In fact, because Eufrat is so unique compared to other actresses who often all look the same, once I get her beautiful face stuck in my head, I really can’t get it out of my head until I masturbate to her!

    Now her body is also a beautiful work of art. Her tits are fairly large, but they have a slight sag to them which I just love for whatever reason. And her areola, which is the area around the actual nipple is quite dark and large, which you don’t see with a lot of girls. Again, these features all just make her unique and build up the idea that she is an exotic goddess! But at the same time she looks like an everyday woman with her average figure overall, making her relate to plenty of young women watching her. She is fairly skinny when you really get a good look at her, but at the same time can emphasize her curves and make herself look quite voluptuous when viewed at the right angle. She is just the perfect combination of exotic and simple beauty, all rolled up into one!

    Now Eufrat scenes are really hot, especially her girl-on-girl scenes. You remember how I mentioned how her eyes are so piercing? Well that really comes to life when you watch her having sex. She makes it a point to seek out the eyes of the woman she is fucking and that eye contact, especially when both women are in the middle of giving and/or receiving pleasure is such a huge turn on! The emotions are so intense and you can absolutely feel it through your computer screen! I also just love how bouncy her tits are in general. Yes, even if she is getting fucked doggy style and the like, you’ll definitely see her gorgeous tits bouncing oh so freely. But even if she is lying on the bed and getting eaten out, any subtle movement will jiggle her large breasts as they lay spread out across her chest and that subtle motion really gets me going!!!

    I also just love how gentle her moaning is. In fact, she rarely moans louder than your average speaking level. It is a soft, controlled moan, but still conveys a lot of sexual pleasure. It almost gives off the feeling like she is holding back, but you can see it in her eyes and her breath that the pleasure is so amazing that she can barely contain herself. If she is doing that on purpose, then she knows how to turn a girl on, because I can’t get enough of that. There are already enough women who go all out and scream while getting fucked, so Eufrat helps bring a new dimension to the table, so to speak.

    If there is one critique for Eufrat, it’s that she never does any scenes where she actually speaks English (at least none that I know of). Like I mentioned earlier, she will either speak in her native tongue, or simply not speak at all, and to be honest, I much prefer the latter over the former. Her accent can sometimes be a turn on when everything else about her is so perfect, having her not speak altogether is much more preferred than hearing her speak even just a few minutes in the beginning of a scene. Note that Eufrat actually does speak some English, but she still has a heavy accent, so I guess it makes sense why she decides not to even try speaking English in any sex scenes. However, it doesn’t make it any less disappointing from a viewer’s point of view. Having said all that though, this may not even bother you if you aren’t as picky as I am. Plus there are plenty of amazing sex scenes where Eufrat avoids speaking altogether, meaning you can focus solely on her beauty and her sexual performance.

    Overall, Eufrat is just an exotic goddess that can turn me on in just her pure nudity alone, even without any sex involved. But when she does engage in sex, her subtle way of using her eyes, as well as moaning more gently than other porn stars really allows her to stand out as an actress. As a result, it is very easy for you to feel the raw sexual and emotional energy coming through to you, despite the lack of extremely hardcore sex acts and corresponding hardcore moaning. If you can deal with the fact that she is a foreign actor and doesn’t speak any English in any of her sex scenes, then she is a great choice for the next time you want to masturbate to something new and unique!