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    Eva Lovia

    This next porn star, while very popular for plenty of people (guys and girls), is probably not as famous as she should be, and it really is a damn shame – based on how amazing her sex scenes are, not to mention her pure physical beauty, she should be a household name for everyone who watches porn by now. Her name is Eva Lovia and she is just a bombshell of epic proportions.

    Once you see her, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that she is of mixed ethnicities, being both Spanish as well as Japanese. And that does absolute wonders for her physical beauty. She definitely has the Asian look going for her, which is a huge turn on for all the many people who have a thing for Asians. But her European background also keeps her looking relatively Caucasian which appeals to people who like mainstream actresses as well. But if you love both ethnicities like I do, you can’t get any better than Eva Lovia!

    Her face is pure perfection, starting with her beautiful freckles sprinkled across her face. Her gorgeous brown eyes are absolutely sexy as fuck and can make you go weak at the knees in an instant. Plus her nose is straight and really complements her elongated face. Add in the slightly wavy brown hair that turns to golden brown at the tips and you have a thing of beauty. And we haven’t even gotten to her body yet!

    Her body is where Eva probably makes her money, specifically her perfect ass. And yes, it is perfect. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s bouncy and jiggly, but not large enough to become ridiculous. It is plump yet firm and it sits on two beautifully sculpted legs as well. Eva works out and is a big proponent of squats and when her lower half looks the way it does, you can’t really argue with those results! Her breasts are a nice handful and she has absolutely flawless breasts as well. By flawless, I’m talking about the nipples which are a cute pink color, and just the perfect size for nibbling on! Her entire body is fairly petite, making the curves work even more in her favor. When she is on her back, you get a perfect view of her perky tits and gorgeous face. And even from behind when she is on her back or on her knees, just the view of her banging ass will make you go wild as well.

    Speaking of that booty, I absolutely love when Eva incorporates anal toys into her sex scenes. While she definitely gets into some amazingly hardcore sex scenes (more on that below), when she takes it slow and sensual, it really allows you the time to admire her perfect ass. Out of all of her scenes that incorporate anal sex toys, none are as perfect as the few scenes in which she masturbates while using a stainless steel butt plug with a colorful jewel at the end (the kind that you can find at blissfulcherry.com). Just the sight of such an elegant, bejeweled sex toy protruding from her already perfect ass has a way of making me wet without even actively touching myself – the perfect combination of pure beauty and erotic appeal!

    But as a mentioned above, Eva is no stranger to hardcore sex scenes either. One of my favorite videos of her is just her having sex with a guy with a monster cock. I’m talking like nearly a foot long (if I had to guess). And what I love about this scene is that she really plays to her assets very well, and makes deliberate sex acts to show off all of her physical features and sexual talents. She starts by playfully flirting and eventually giving us a close up of her perfect ass. Eventually she starts masturbating, but only for a few minutes before moving on to sucking this guy’s massive cock. As you might expect, she takes it deep into her throat like a champ, and really uses the gagging sensation and the accompanying sights and sounds to turn you on (in my opinion the sound of gagging and choking on cock is way hotter than the sound of balls slapping against a pussy – but maybe that’s just me). Plus the cameraman makes it a point to get behind her and zoom in on her beautiful ass, including her perfectly bleached asshole.

    Eventually though, Eva gets to actual sexual intercourse. Of all the sex positions she used, I absolutely love when she rides on top of that dick and gets fucked that way. Her positioning allows for a very clear shot of her pussy, which allows for us to see that massive cock go in and out of her continuously, all while she is gently moaning as if even this huge cock is almost nothing to her. The scene then shifts to some doggy style as well, where again we get a great view of her planting her face down on the bed while lifting her ass up to get pounded from behind. Eventually, she sucks him off for the final few seconds before he blows his massive load on her face and in her mouth. And she finishes by using her fingers to help lick up all that extra cum on her face, and finally smiling and looking into the camera as the scene fades to black.

    Man, if you didn’t get wet reading that, then I don’t know what is wrong with you (or it could just be that my writing absolutely sucks haha, but I doubt it). In any case, that sex scene pretty accurately embodies Eva and her sex scenes: hardcore, non-stop action, all while continuously showing off her sexy body from various angles. She does work with both male and female talents, and often does threesomes, which I love! So if you are stuck in a rut with all of your typical porn stars, consider looking into Eva Lovia and see just how hot she truly is. Trust me when I say that once you get a glimpse of her in action, you won’t be able to help wanting to see more!