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    India Summer

    As one of my all-time favorite MILFs, India Summer definitely was a must for this site. She is so hot despite already being 41 years old that she is truly the gold standard when it comes to MILFs, especially because even ignoring her age and the kink that comes with MILF territory, she is still extremely beautiful and sex as porn star. In other words, her actual physical beauty and sexual prowess is quite comparable to other younger women in the industry – and the added appeal of being a MILF just makes her even sexier!

    India is your typical white woman who can pass as your mom – just a whole lot hotter (probably). She is a gorgeous brunette with long dark hair falling to just below shoulder length, and a face that screams “I may be a bit older, but I’m still horny as fuck”. Her eyes are gorgeous, especially when she uses eye shadow and eye liner to accentuate her eyes and her eyebrows. Her noise is straight and pointy. Her lips are oh so kissable, especially when they are all glossed up. And her overall jawline is very-well defined, giving her a near flawless face.

    In fact, I would say that if you only looked at her face, she could pass as a 20 year old. Her body however is where you can tell definite signs of aging, starting right at her neck. It’s not as smooth as you might expect from someone who is younger and her neck veins sometimes do stick out a bit. Her breasts, while unarguably beautiful, do sag a bit, and her legs do have a combination of fat and relatively loose skin hat is almost unavoidable with age. And her chest, arms, and other parts of her body are riddled with dark spots that also come with age. However, this isn’t to say that these are flaws in her physical appearance. It’s actually quite the opposite for me. I just love seeing her age shine through her pure beauty. It reminds me that she sexy and horny as fuck, despite being old, which is a huge turn on. Another way of looking at it is that seeing how fucking hot she is in general combined with the fact that she is a legitimate MILF elevates her sexiness to an entirely new level!

    What I really love about India is her acting as well. While not perfect by any means, she does a great job selling the backstory, especially when compared to other porn stars. She is a big player in the stepmom genre of sex scenes and her ability to make the scene feel real is a huge turn on for people (like me) who want to be convinced that some girl (or guy) is actually getting fucked by their own stepmom. Her voice is also mighty sexy and really fits the role of a secretly (or not so secretly) horny mom who just wants to get with her daughter or her daughter’s boyfriend or whatever the case may be.

    India’s actual sexual skills are off the charts as well. For example, when she is sucking dick, she makes full use of her tongue and makes sure to lick all the way up the shaft and suck on the balls in addition to your typical deep throating action. And when with a woman, she makes sure to maintain good eye contact with her ladies while she is eating them out, truly getting her nose right up into her partner’s pussy. And when she is getting fucked, she absolutely owns the cowgirl position, showing off her absolutely banging body while bending her head back and moaning in pure pleasure. Plus, she is an amazing dirty talker, which fits the type of sex scenes she typically does.

    What really is the best of the best when it comes to India is when she takes part in step-mom threesome scenes. In other words when she ends up fucking not only her daughter, but her daughter’s boyfriend as well. She is just a real pro at taking on this dominating MILF-like role, and that really plays into the chemistry in the entire scene. I mean I know it is all totally fake, but the way India acts in the scene makes it as believable as it gets, and that makes it so much more fun to masturbate to. And she has so many great threesome scenes, all with extremely attractive young “daughters”. That sort of variety is also what makes her so appealing in this particular genre of porn – there are scenes where she is helping her daughter get with her attractive male tutor while studying at home, to scenes where she and her daughter seduce her daughter’s boyfriend right in the middle of a yoga lesson. Once you go through her entire repertoire of threesome scenes, I guarantee that you’ll find one that you absolutely love!

    Overall, India Summer is your number one option when it comes to MILFs, hands down. She is still extremely sexy and beautiful despite her age, and you can tell the sexual drive in her is still extremely strong which only makes her even hotter. And not only is she a great actor when it comes to the actual sex, but also a great actor when it comes to setting the scene and selling the backstory. This aspect in particular really makes her stepmom scenes with her “daughter” particularly hot, simply because she makes them as believable as possible. If that is your kink, definitely check her out. And even if stepmom porn isn’t your thing, India is a very solid option for great MILF porn and even just great porn in general!