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    Malena Morgan

    Out of all the women on this list, probably none are quite as frequently viewed by myself personally than the beautiful Malena Morgan. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, if I’m not in any particular mood before preparing to masturbate, the first thing I think of is if any of the many solid sex scenes with Malena would be good for masturbating this time around. She is just that beautiful and sexy and simply one of my most favorite porn stars of all time.

    Malena first of all, is a true beauty. And not like all of the other porn stars I’ve profiled that are obviously quite beautiful and sexy – Malena is actually like flawless in my opinion. To the point where she could be one of the hottest regular fashion models of her time if she decided to take her career in that direction (thankfully she didn’t though). Her gorgeous medium brown hair is curly and has plenty of volume, making her hair an actual asset to her overall beauty, compared to just being another feature that all women have. Her eyes are also a beautiful shade of pale blue, with eyes that are thin yet still very well-defined, helping to accentuate her eyes even further. Her nose is also a perfect thin triangle shape, and her lips are also quite beautiful as well. And what really makes her standpoint from a facial standpoint is her extremely well-defined jawline and very high cheekbones. She just looks so flawless that literally staring at her face for a few seconds could probably turn most people on (it definitely turns me on).

    Her body is also basically flawless as well. Her overall figure is slim and it does look like she works out a bit, giving her perfectly toned legs and arms. One thing of note is that Malena does have a pretty boney ass, but even that is still fucking hot, at least to me. Her stomach is perfectly flat, and her breasts are a nice modest size, with irresistibly cute pink nipples. When I look at Malena in general, I can’t find a bad angle on her whatsoever! And as you can imagine that does nothing but help her in the sex scenes themselves.

    Speaking of which, Malena is one of the few women who work exclusively with other women. No dicks allowed basically. And that is just so fucking hot. Not only because I love girls so much more than guys, but because that exclusivity shines through when Malena performs. You can tell she loves pussy and nothing else, and so the sex itself is nothing short of raw and real emotion. Her moaning is sensual yet sexy, and her orgasms are nothing short of amazing.

    And while we’re on the topic of orgasms, there is one particular type of orgasms that Malena performs and that simply gets me every time: squirting. If you don’t know, squirting is basically when you ejaculate liquids from out of your pussy when you orgasms. Basically like when a man ejaculates and releases semen, but for a women it is actually liquid. Anyway, Malena has one really great scene with a porn star named Celeste Star (super cute as well), and it basically involves Malena teaching her how to squirt. And multiple times throughout the scene Malena is able to squirt with the help of her vibrator and it is just a thing of beauty. Her squirting was basically a gusher of liquid that shot up at least a few inches into the air. And it kept going for at least a few seconds every time which is just unbelievable to me, simply because most women cannot even squirt at all, let alone squirt with such force and for so long each time. I literally cannot help but orgasm when I see Malena squirting like that, and that skill is one of the reasons I love her so much!

    Another smaller thing I love about Malena is that she is a great actress. Most of her scenes involve a lot of buildup before the actual sex begins and Malena does a great job of convincing me that the events taking place are realistic if not downright real. Whether she is seducing a woman as a massage therapist, or ditching a party to have sex with her close friend, Malena really sells the backstory! Especially considering that lesbian scenes are typically a lot less believable than regular guy-girl scenes and it really puts into perspective just how good of a job Malena does with her acting. Plus, during the actual sex itself, she really uses her eyes to sell the emotional connection between her and her partner – although that may just be a genuine response to the sexual pleasure she is giving and receiving. Either way, she undoubtedly makes the most out of every sex scene, making it so easy to get myself off and orgasm (several times) while watching her do her thing.

    Overall, I will repeat what I said earlier: Malena Morgan is flawless. I can’t think of anything wrong with her, from her physical appearance to how she fucks on screen. Her acting is great, she fucks like a pro, using her eyes to sell the emotional connection set up by the initial backstory, and her moaning and orgasms are always a sight to behold, especially when she squirts! In other words, Malena is the perfect woman to watch if you want to see an amazing lesbian sex scene that is absolutely hot as hell, from start to finish.