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    As much as I love young perky tits and tight pussies, I also can’t help but fall in love with MILFs that exude sexiness and a desire for true sexual pleasure. Prinzzess is one of the few MILFs that fall into this category and she is quite a woman. First off, the name: yeah, I don’t really know why she spells it like that either, but it guess it helps her stand out? Anyway, I remember when I first stumbled upon on and was trying to look for her again, it was really difficult given the fact that I was searching for “Princess” instead of “Prinzzess”. Heck even searching for “Princess Porn Star” wound up giving me some other princess-related porn (yes, that’s a thing), so it definitely was a struggle until I finally found her and realized that her name is spelled completely differently than what I had thought. So if you decide to look her up yourself, note the spelling of her name.

    One subtle thing to note about Prinzzess is that she has a mix of different backgrounds, so even though she looks mostly white, you definitely get an exotic vibe from her at the same time. Her hair is a beautiful dirty blonde color and very curly. She has a very diamond-shaped face, which really helps her triangle nose and succulent lips stand out. And her eyes – I feel like I say this about a lot of porn stars, but her eyes are just stunning: a beautiful light shade of brown that really stares into my soul.

    Prinzzess is not your typical MILF from an age standpoint, as she is only 33 years old, which while definitely falling into the MILF category, is not necessarily old compared to other ladies in the industry. As a result her body remains quite perky and tight overall. She is fairly thin throughout her body, with just enough body fat to keep her looking feminine. Her breasts are a nice handful, with gorgeous nipples that I love seeing get perky as she gets aroused – not rock hard, but you can see the nipples start to come out a bit and I find that super cute. Her ass, while not super large, is just fantastic, as are her legs. From head to toe, she is a naturally beautiful woman.

    In case you didn’t read my other profile yet, Prinzzess is definitely another one of my favorite all time MILFs, like India Summer. But a major thing that sets these two ladies apart is the fact that India Summer works with both guys and girls, while Prinzzess seems to exclusively work with girls. I love this so much because it really shows that she is actually attracted to women, as many women in the porn industry appear to fake being into girls, as girl-on-girl scenes is almost a requirement to becoming a successful porn star. But with Prinzzess that genuine love of women really gets conveyed in the way she makes love to them, every time.

    What I love the most about Prinzzess is what I like to call her patented “silent moan”. It basically happens when she is in a pure state of sexual pleasure, particularly when she is being eaten out extremely well. She will tilt her head back, close her eyes, and open her mouth as if she is moaning, but without actually making a sound. In fact, it definitely looks like she is literally holding her breath out of pure pleasure. It’s such a unique visual and audio experience that it has become such a huge turn on for me whenever I get to watch it in action. Again, this comes back to her truly conveying her sexual pleasure in a tangible, genuine way – every time I see that silent moan, I know she is basically orgasming or on the verge of it, and that alone can bring me to orgasm as well!

    Prinzzess is also a big proponent of scissoring, which is a great sex position for lesbian sex. Note that a lot of girl-on-girl scenes actually don’t engage in scissoring whatsoever, focusing mainly on oral sex and/or strap-on sex (possibly because these porn stars actually aren’t into girls like I mentioned above). I love scissoring in part because it reminds me of grinding on the dance floor, only this time is fully naked and on a bed, actually grinding genital-to-genital, and with tons of actual moaning and screaming. It just looks like a ton of fun and is so hot. Nearly every scene of Prinzzess that I watch involves some form of scissoring, so if you are really into scissoring, Prinzzess is the girl for you!

    Prinzzess is a real doll and just a pleasure to watch. Her slightly above average age allows her to take on the role of a MILF, while still maintaining a very sexy figure, and that when paired with her beautiful facial features is a formula for pure beauty. Her lesbian-only sex scenes will also blow you away, not only because of the raw emotion she conveys through her genuine pleasure having sex with another woman, but also through the distinct features that have come to be a staple of her sex scenes, such as scissoring or her patented “silent moan”. If you love lesbian sex and love MILFs, watching Prinzzess is the way to go to fulfill both kinks at the same time. And I guarantee that you not only won’t be disappointed by her performance, but will actually be wanting to see even more of her once you get a taste what she has to offer!