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    Remy LaCroix

    This petite nympho is next on my list! The first thing that stands out to me about her is her height! She is just 5’2”, which definitely makes her petite. And boy do I love petite women. Something about their little bodies just turns me on for whatever reason. By the way, while we are at it, does anyone here know how to say her last name? I know the “x” is silent but I really don’t know the official way to say it, since no one mentions her last name in sex scenes. I always imagine it to be “La Craw”, but someone please correct me if I’m wrong haha. Would definitely be good to know!

    Anyway, back to Remy’s body. Along with her petite body comes beautiful perky breasts. Even for a petite woman, her breasts are on the smaller side, but they are still perky and cute regardless. However, her booty on the other hand is one of her major assets. It is definitely real and on the whole she looks like she puts in work on her ass and it definitely shows. It isn’t gigantic by any means, but any clear shot of her ass will get your going, trust me.

    Her face, while not drop-dead stunning, is perfect adequate. She does have a somewhat bulbous nose, but what I love about it is how sometimes she wears a cute little side nose ring. It’s super thin so sometimes you can barely notice it, but when you see a close up of her face, the nose ring is definitely noticeable. Also her smile is just infectious. She looks like a fun-loving girl that loves life in general – especially when life includes having sex all the time with all sorts of different men and women haha.

    Remy’s girl-on-girl scenes are really flirty and sensual. I really love when she engages in anal play, simply because it is so kinky and not a lot of women do it. By anal play, I don’t just mean licking each other’s assholes, but rather sticking anal toys up their butts as well. In fact, I remember a scene that was set as an after-rave sexual encounter where Remy and her partner were playing with glowing ping pong balls. And they would literally pop them one by one into each other’s assholes and leave it there while they then played with each other’s pussies. And later they would come back to it and they would slowly pop each ball out of their ass one-by-one, and it was just so mesmerizing seeing each ping pong ball slowly emerge from their tight assholes before fully popping out. Although the actual production quality for that scene was subpar, I loved the kinky nature of it and just love how hardcore Remy seems.

    Speaking of hardcore, I want to also mention a specific sex act that Remy does that I absolutely love. Now, Remy actually does approximately an equal number of scenes with guys and with girls, but to be honest, I actually love watching her gives blowjobs almost as much as I love watching her have sex with girls. The reason being is because when Remy gives head, she goes full deep throat every time. And what I especially love about her deep throat scenes are how violent they get in terms of the thrusting. Guys typically mouth fuck her almost as hard as they would as if they were having sex with her doggy style. And that violent thrusting really makes her gag a lot. And that is what I love hearing. In addition, I also love seeing her eyes water up every time. She’ll take as much dick in her mouth as possible before taking a break, which leads to her eyes literally dripping tears due to her gagging, and I just love it so much!

    I think Remy really enjoys putting herself in kinky and hardcore situations. This is quite evident based on a favorite scene of mine that involves her taking part in the “Bang Bus”, which is basically a bus that gets random strangers to have sex with famous porn stars in the back seat (don’t worry – the windows are tinted). Not only is this premise alone quite kinky on its own, but Remy takes it to another level by finding a young couple and convincing the (admittedly prudish) boyfriend to allow her to fuck his girlfriend, before eventually finishing with an amazing threesome. Talk about kinky and not your typical vanilla sex scene! (But really though that sex scene is a big favorite of mine so definitely check it out – the girlfriend in that scene actually is really fucking hot!)

    Overall, while Remy doesn’t necessarily seem overtly deliberate with her sexual responses (i.e. unnaturally loud moaning and the like), she does a great job at revealing a true inner kinky nature that exudes from her in whatever sex scene (or sex act) she is doing. Whether it be playing with anal toys, to deep throating huge cocks to the point of gagging and tearing up, or even convincing couples to have a threesome in a shady-looking van (not to mention being filmed doing it!), her ability to make sex seem so exciting is such a huge turn on for me. That kinkiness, packed into a petite body with a great ass, is what makes Remy such an amazing porn star to watch!