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    Shyla Jennings

    Up next is a less well-known actress, but definitely one that one should keep in mind if you are really into lesbian sex scenes. Her name is Shyla Jennings, a beautiful brunette with a passion for girls beyond compare! Although there is nothing particular unique about her face, Shyla is still fucking hot and that’s not even debatable. Her long beautiful dark brown hair is always on point, and her beautiful hazel eyes are so expressive from the start of a sex scene to when it finally ends. There is nothing particularly special about her nose or her lips, and cheek bones and jawline are only semi-defined, but again, she isn’t some exotic beauty – just a regular Caucasian beauty!

    Shyla’s body is also pretty average, at least when it comes to porn stars. She is definitely fit, but does not rock a spectacular ass in the slightest. But her legs and booty sure are fun to look at regardless. Her breasts are also just average sized but they are so beautiful and really go well with her everyday girl look. And she has only a few minor tattoos around her body. Basically, when you look at Shyla, you are looking at a very hot woman, but one who otherwise does not stand out from the crowd in any one particular area.

    However, that isn’t a bad thing and can really help turn you on by watching an everyday girl get it on with another woman. Again, this isn’t to say that she is just plain looking, because let’s face it: she is extremely attractive. But instead of watching a girl that has a perfect ass and a perfect pair of breasts and perfect everything, you are watching something more realistic. And as I always say, the more realistic the scene is, the more it will turn me on. I think the best way to look at Shyla is as if she is the typical “Girl Next Door”, only she is exclusive to girls only.

    Her sex scenes are always a great display of sexual prowess and skill. Her pussy licking is so fantastic and she puts a lot of effort into making her partner cum. She also does a great job of adding variety when it comes to giving cunnilingus to her partner, from being gentle and intimate, focusing only on outer pussy lips or gently sucking the clitoris, to going full out nose buried right into her partner’s pussy and tongue-fucking them to orgasm. It always keeps me on my toes, so to speak, waiting for when she ramps it up a notch and really gets her mouth going. At that point her partner almost always starts to scream more loudly and that is always a great to watch.

    Speaking of screaming, I really love Shyla’s scream in general, as it is very feminine. Now I know that when most women moan and scream they sound like women, naturally. But something about Shyla’s moan really turns me on. I think it is because her moan is not just a monotone sound but rather a sound that starts low and goes up in pitch. Almost every single moan has this raise in tone each time and that is something that I just find super hot. And when she is full on screaming she sometimes even has that inherent pitch raise as well. Or she is just screaming at the top of her lungs, in a fairly high pitch which is just as hot simply because you can tell her screams are genuine and indicate that she really is on the verge of orgasm.

    One last thing I wanted to mention about Shyla is that she plays the role of innocent schoolgirl very well. This is a general description of what I mean, as she obviously does a lot of other types of sex scenes where she isn’t playing a literal schoolgirl. But I just mean the sense of being shy and innocent and giving off the impression to her views that even though she knows in the back of her mind that she is so into girls and wants to go face deep into her friend’s pussy, she plays it off as innocent flirty before the floodgates let loose and she becomes a sexual animal getting totally down and dirty. That is something that I don’t often see in other porn stars – the ability to go from shy and innocent to pure sexual freak. And that is one of the main reasons I love Shyla so much!

    Overall Shyla, while definitely hot and beautiful, isn’t unlike any other porn star you may come across in your future masturbation sessions. However, despite the fact that she appears to be your average porn star, she uses that to her advantage to juxtapose her plain (relatively speaking) physical appearance with her true lust for sex, and a lust for sex with girls only at that! She is a master of cunnilingus and always makes her partners moan out of genuine pleasure (no acting there, guaranteed), and she herself moans and groans in a way that truly gets me wet and on the verge of orgasm every time. She also makes great use of her acting skills to juxtapose her shy innocence at the beginning of many of her sex scenes with the pure sexual lust and desire for orgasm that inevitably comes once things really start getting steamy. All in all, if you love lesbian porn, Shyla Jennings is a great woman to watch!