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    Tori Black

    A truly beautiful specimen from head to toe, Tori Black is pretty mainstream today and she totally deserves it. A stunning brunette with gorgeous eyes and small but still succulent lips. Her breasts are perky but still a nice handful, and her hips overall figure is very nice – she isn’t super fit, but she is still quite thin, with some body fat that makes her look more feminine and natural in my opinion. And last but not least, she has a gorgeous tattoo near her pussy that don’t think I can describe adequately but I will try anyway: It’s basically a star, but with some intertwining rings or circles going around the star. If that wasn’t a good enough explanation, then check the image at the top of the page, as you can see the tattoo there.

    Also, Tori Black is great because she looks so amazing even without makeup. In fact I feel like half of her scenes (at least the ones on free porn sites) are just without her wearing makeup, and she still looks damn gorgeous! I think it says so much that she actually looks beautiful and sexy even without makeup, especially since in today’s age literally everyone wears makeup to a certain extent. And even when she does wear makeup, it isn’t overdone and it is just enough to add a feminine touch to her overall look. I don’t personally mind women that use a lot of makeup (in fact, some of the actresses that I review on this site use a shit ton of makeup), but being able to work it without makeup on occasion gives me just a bit more appreciation for Tori’s physical beauty.

    Now her scenes are truly awe-inspiring as well. Whether she is taking hard cock or just getting eaten out by another woman, Tori is very passionate about the sex. And it definitely looks like she is actually enjoying every minute of it. Like other than the exact placement of her body and the various positions planned for the scene and stuff, I doubt she is acting even one bit, and that genuine raw emotion coming from her is infectious. I love seeing her get absolutely fingered by another girl (or even railed by a dude) and just watching her face light up. Her eyes freeze and her eyebrows lift up and hold there while she moans and moans and stares at her partner who is giving her such insane pleasure that she can’t even contain herself and I just love that raw emotion coming from her. I especially love intense moaning and so whenever I watch Tori, the moment she starts moaning at the top of her lungs is the point at which I approach my own orgasm.

    At the same time though, Tori Black can be quite intimate and sexy in a more reserved way. I actually love watching her engage in foreplay and seeing her fingers lightly caress the hips of her partner, and slowly bringing her hands up to her partner’s chest and eventually the neck. It is just so real and I love every minute of it. While most of my adoration of her comes from her ability to rock out on hardcore scenes, being able to actually engage in meaningful and sexy foreplay is still a huge turn-on and actually makes watching her scenes in their entirety a lot more doable, compared to scenes that have terribly bad acting in the beginning, forcing you to skip out on what could have potentially been a pretty arousing buildup.

    Another great thing that I just love about Tori Black in general is that she seems like an overall chill person. In her interviews, such as in her feature film “Tori Black is Pretty Filthy” (by the way, awesome name, right?), she just seems super down to earth and easy going. Like she even mentions in the video being willing to just go up and say hi and tell her how much you love her work, and I just find that so refreshing to see a porn star with that humble nature. And you bet I would jump at the chance to just say hi to her if I saw her in real life! She also seems like she’s pretty well-educated and intelligent based on how she speaks and conducts herself in such interviews. Her speaking is just eloquent and I can imagine having a real conversation with her about things outside the realm of porn. Obviously her intelligence level is not super important when it comes to being able to orgasm to her pretty face, but it does turn me on just the slightest knowing that she isn’t a complete bimbo and has a mind of her own, at least for me.

    Overall Tori Black is a beautiful stunning women that makes each of her scenes feel real, simply because she actually looks like she is enjoying it to the fullest. And that makes masturbating to her so easy, because that raw emotion is such a huge turn on. Watching her is always a great option when I need to get myself off and with so many scenes available due to her mainstream status, it is never hard to find just the right sex scene to get me off!